FreeCodeCamp’s Intermediate Front-End Development Project: Build a Random Quote Machine


codepen random quote machine snapshot freecodecamp challenge

This challenge proved somewhat difficult since the topics covered were fairly new to me. I found the following YouTube video to be extremely helpful. Stephen does a great job explaining the process of creating GET requests, and how to input your retrieved data into your user interface.

However, even after watching this tutorial, I was still unable to get my Quote Machine to populate with the new quotes. This would require some more investigating.

After testing my code in the console, I realized that my GET request referenced an HTTP url. What I needed was a secure HTTPS url. Easy-peasy. I changed the API url from HTTP to HTTPS, ran my code again, and…. success!

Feel free to view my finished project at my codepen.io account.



Forismatic API

Steven Mayeux‘s Youtube videos:

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